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OMM Design Polar Bear Plate

  • $13.00

OMM Design Polar Bear Plate Gorgeous OMM melamine plates with simple playful designs that appeal to both children and adults. They are suitable as a children's plate, a cake plate, a sandwich plate or a mini hors-d'œuvres serving platter, so versatile! But what is super special about these plates is that they can also be used as wall art! Think of dear old ladies with their Franklin Mint Pussy Plates mounted in the sitting room, but with a fresh design twist. Pop them on the walls in a group on a child's bedroom wall. Certainly more palatable than a Wiggles poster! These plates are, of course, food safe and can be put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. They are NOT suitable for microwaving. Design: Ingela Arrhenius Produced by OMM Design Ø 203 mm, which, if you are a regular peruser of the Ikea catalogue will know, means 20.3cm diameter.