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How To Measure

Tips when measuring a garment:

✿ Choose a garment of similar fabric to the one you are purchasing, eg: measure a jersey dress if you are buying another jersey dress.
✿ Lay the garment completely flat or hang it so you can measure from point to point easily. 
✿ Do not stretch the fabric out too much when measuring from point to point, but instead follow the shape if needed (for example across the bust darts , you may wish to follow the curve of the darts instead of measuring completely flat).
✿ When choosing a size to buy, go for the one which compares closest to your own garment measurements or slightly bigger if its a fabric without stretch.
✿ For jersey pieces you may wish to buy slightly smaller than the measurements as jersey tends to stretch more over time.
✿ Buy for the fit you like and use the measurement as a guide only, each garment will vary slightly from the exact garment thats been measured. 

Tips for measuring your body:
✿ Use a dress making tape measure or piece of string you can measure afterwards with a ruler.
✿ Wear only light layers to measure yourself, ideally just the underwear you’d normally wear with the garment you're buying.
✿ Do not pull the measuring tape too tight, but allow some room for movement.
✿ Line up the front and back of the measuring tape as much as possible when measuring around your body. A good tip is to keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground!
✿ Write down your measurements so you can keep them on hand, a quick check before checkout can save you time and money for size exchanges.