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Michelle & Shelley

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  1. Shelley Knit Top Iris
    M L 2X 4X 5X
  2. Michelle Knit Top Chili
    XS S M XL 2X 4X
  3. Michelle Knit Top Pacific
    S L 3X
  4. Michelle Knit Top Pickle
    S L 2X 3X 4X
  5. Shelley Knit Top Candy Pink
  6. Shelley Knit Top Peach
    M L XL 2X 3X 4X


  • "It sings to me and feels like I am wearing sunshine, it makes me so happy. "

    Julie D.

  • "My made590 knits are a game changer. When I was young, wool was itchy and I just couldn’t stand it. Made590 mercerised merino is butter soft, I don’t even need a layer underneath it, it’s not even remotely scratchy. I have a feeling these pieces will be with me for many years to come, they are timeless and such great quality. "

    Amanda K.

  • "My Made590 knits get me through each winter in comfort, style, and colour! "

    Rachel C.

  • "All awesome people who are so willing to help."

    Jeena B.

  • "I've never felt as confident in my body since I found Made!"

    Zarina V.

  • "Made590 is more than size inclusive clothing. It's a full experience. Be prepared to fall in love with yourself and gain a beautiful community as a surprise bonus."

    Lisa M.