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Festive Floral Stud Earrings

  • $45.00
Back in soon!

These earrings are made to match the beautiful Festive Floral range by Made590 illustrated by Kirbee Lawler. They feature the flowers featured in the print nestled into a little bouquet for your ears.

The flowers featured in the the print are Sturt Desert Pea, Christmas Bush, Holly Leaf Grevillea, Christmas Bells, Common Dampiera, Common Bush Pea, Pink Spider Flower and Pink Wax Flower.

The stud earrings have stainless steel backs and the huggie hoops are made from an iron alloy, with gold plating, that are low allergen hoops but the stud tops will be better for highly sensitive ears.
They are approximately 6cm long including the tops. The bouquet part is backed in 1.5mm clear perspex.

These pieces are made in very limited numbers and are likely to never be repeated exactly the same, ever again.

Each pair comes packaged on a backing card. I do not recommend letting your earrings come into contact with water or moisture of any kind, cosmetics or perfume as it may effect the paint on the earrings and the glues used to secure the pieces.